Posts summarizing talks and events hosted at the DEC.

07 Feb 2018 // Speakers

Healthcare Services 2018 Strategy

by Sarah Cooke

William Fleming, Segment President of Humana's Healthcare Services provides an overview of the new Healthcare Services organization and it's strategy for 2018 and beyond.

24 Jan 2018 // Speakers

Design Happens

by Sarah Cooke

DEC Product Designer, Matt Dobson explains how to handle design problems, even when you’re not a designer. He’ll also talk about the DEC’s new Design Toolkit website.

10 Jan 2018 // Speakers

Intro to Docker

by Sarah Cooke

Matt Bentley, Senior Soloutions Engineer at Humana gives an introduction of Docker technology that powers containers, which drives the modernization of existing applications into modern software delivery pipelines.

13 Dec 2017 // Speakers

Converting to Kotlin

by Sarah Cooke

DEC Engineer Daniel Huster talks about the benefits of the Kotlin programming language and demonstrates how simple it can be to transition to Kotlin from Java.

08 Nov 2017 // Speakers

The Journey to Continuous Automation

by Sarah Cooke

Nathen Harvey, VP of Community at Chef, presents and demonstrates Chef's capabilities for enabling collaboration and continuous automation across your infrastructure, applications, and compliance requirements.

01 Nov 2017 // Speakers

Know Your Enemies

by Sarah Cooke

Triaging a production issue is absolutely the time to work smarter, not harder. Learn how to create enemy tests to monitor your application and its dependencies in production to do just that.

25 Oct 2017 // Speakers

Product Match Game

by Sarah Cooke

DEC Product Manager Nick Hill (disguised as Gene Rayburn) hosts game show 'Product Match Game'

18 Oct 2017 // Speakers

Building Products for People Not Problems

by Sarah Cooke

DEC Product Designer, Matt Plappert demonstrates how a human-centered approach to design can help you avoid building the wrong thing, or the right thing the wrong way.

04 Oct 2017 // Speakers

Product Manage your life with a Bullet Journal

by Sarah Cooke

DEC Product Manager, Sarah Cooke and User Experience Designer for the Resolutions team, Brianna Roberts, discuss the many ways bullet journaling helps to manage & prioritize aspects of their lives both personally and professionally.

02 Aug 2017 // Speakers

Innersourcing - Effective Collaboration with GitHub

by Sarah Cooke

This presentation reviews the core tenets of InnerSource, discusses organizational and team structures that support InnerSource, and covers GitHub features that support these collaborative workflows. Presented by Craig Morrall from GitHub.

19 Jul 2017 // Speakers

Humana Research and Insights Hub

by Shawn Coots

Have you ever wondered what research other teams at Humana are doing? Join us for a presentation on Humana’s Research & Insights Hub! Presented by Ted Pollari.

12 Jul 2017 // Speakers

Collaborative Pairing

by Becki Hyde

Clayton Lee shares his experiences using a modified paired programming model with his team.

07 Jun 2017 // Speakers

Learning to test Swift

by Becki Hyde

In the Digital Experience Center, engineers work on a variety of tech stacks and sometimes have the opportunity to figure out something entirely new, on the job. In this presentation, Zarek and Daniel will share their experience with learning how to unit test Swift – a language notorious for being difficult to test. Learn from their experience, find out about their struggles and successes, and ask questions about testing Swift!

31 May 2017 // Speakers

ALM For Everyone: This isn't your daddy's TFS

by Becki Hyde

TFS has a bad rap as “just another centralized source control tool” or “only useful if you are developing in .NET”. In reality TFS has undergone a major functional redesign over the past 3 years and it is rapidly becoming a top-tier tool for doing Application Lifecycle Management for all tech stacks. In this open-dialog demo we’ll take a look at how we leverage the integrated capabilities of TFS to manage the development and delivery of a simple nodeJS application while using all of the latest buzz words (git, npm, kanban, CI/CD, test automation and many more). Presented by Mark Gardner and Philip Bradshaw, from PSM Ops Center of Excellence.

17 May 2017 // Speakers

Girl Develop It

by Becki Hyde

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable programs for adult women interested in learning web and software development in a judgement-free environment.

26 Apr 2017 // Speakers

A Conversation with Alexa

by Becki Hyde

DEC residents Matt Dobson and Shawn Coots will share what their team has learned about the Amazon Echo, and how to design experiences for it.

19 Apr 2017 // Speakers

Alexa - Under the hood

by Cody Hutchens

Ever wondered what goes into making an Alexa skill? What are the moving parts? Can you do this yourself? Come, walk with Cody Hutchens, through a journey of making your next big Alexa idea into reality. Remember machine learning? See it in action.

12 Apr 2017 // Speakers

Taking the DEC With You

by Becki Hyde

Matt Coddington and Neil Normal share their experience of working in the Digital Experience Center and taking DEC practices back to the Humana mothership.

05 Apr 2017 // Speakers

Story Time

by Becki Hyde

Becki talks about user stories - where they came from, how we’re messing them up, and the right way to write them.

29 Mar 2017 // Speakers

The Role of Digital Development in Service Design

by Becki Hyde

Colin Drylie from the Innovation team shares some examples of how agile, digital development can support and accelerate human-centered service design and delivery across customer service, health services and member-facing experiences.

23 Mar 2017 // Speakers

Leading as an Engineer

by Jason McKee

Jason addresses questions many senior engineers have, like: What does it mean to lead in engineering? How does an engineer begin to lead? What does it take? What are the bounds of leadership in an engineering role?

01 Mar 2017 // Speakers

Agile at Humana - Outside the DEC

by Becki Hyde

Tom shares his extensive experience with agile at Humana, and the struggles and successes of keeping things agile in a large organization.

22 Feb 2017 // Speakers

You Don't Know Git

by Becki Hyde

DEC Resident Engineer, Jason McCreary, teaches us Git in the command line.

15 Feb 2017 // Speakers


by Rohit Wason

DEC Resident Engineer, Rohit Wason, discusses artificial intelligence, evolution, and machine learning.

02 Feb 2017 // Speakers

Securing Yourself in a Dangerous Digital Landscape

by Justin Block

Local DEC resident Justin Block discusses steps to secure yourself in a landscape of ever-increasing tracking and cyber attacks - explaining concepts like browser fingerprinting, password managers, and turn-key solutions the secure your digital life at home.

25 Jan 2017 // Speakers

Corporate Entrepreneurship

by Becki Hyde

Derek Wunderlich explains Corporate Entrepreneurship, why is it so crucial to long-term business success, and what can we do as managers and associates to develop an entrepreneurial culture? This presentation seeks to answer these questions while encouraging the audience to Rethink Routine.

01 Dec 2016 // Speakers

Accessibility for Digital Experiences

by Sarah Cooke

Humana’s Lisa Barnett & Alan Smith takes a look at digital accessibility from several perspectives including: users with disabilities, designers, developers and testers trying to understand and meet accessibility standards, and a business perspective.

16 Nov 2016 // Speakers

Reality 2.0

by Daniel Huster

DEC Engineer, Daniel Huster talks about the rise of computer realities, focusing on augmented reality.

26 Oct 2016 // Speakers

GitHub and the value of InnerSource

by Sarah Cooke

Clay Nelson from GitHub speaks about the value of InnerSource and takes the lessons learned from developing open source software & applies them to the way companies develop software internally.