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27 Nov 2017 // Product

What is a Product Manager?

by Nick Hill

One of the key roles on a product team is the product manager. It’s a role I know well, as I’ve been one here at Humana’s Digital Experience Center (DEC) for more than three years. I'll explain further in this article.

27 Nov 2017 // Design

Human-Centered Software Toolkit

by Matt Dobson

As applying human-centered practices to software delivery is a key step to building efficacy, quality and value in products, The Digital Experience Center (DEC) is excited to announce the Human-Centered Software Toolkit.

08 Nov 2017 // Speakers

The Journey to Continuous Automation

by Sarah Cooke

Nathen Harvey, VP of Community at Chef, presents and demonstrates Chef's capabilities for enabling collaboration and continuous automation across your infrastructure, applications, and compliance requirements.